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December 2021 JCLI, Volume 1, Issue 4: Table of Contents and Whole Issue PDF

Issue: Vol. 1 - No. 4 - December 2021
ISSN: 2694-3026

Table of Contents


Cost-Effectiveness of Percutaneous Deep Vein Arterialization for Patients With No-Option Chronic Limb-Threatening Ischemia: An Exploratory Analysis Based on the PROMISE I Study

Jan B. Pietzsch, PhD;  Merle Ederhof, PhD;  Benjamin P. Geisler, MD, MPH;  Peter A. Schneider, MD

J CRIT LIMB ISCHEM 2021;1(4):E148-E157. Epub 2021 July 26.


Percutaneous Deep Vein Arterialization: How Long is the Way to Establish its Role in CLTI Patients?

Lorenzo Patrone, MD

J CRIT LIMB ISCHEM 2021;1(4):E158-E159. Epub 2021 September 13.


Below-the-Ankle Interventions for Chronic Limb-Threatening Ischemia: Safety and Efficacy in an Office-Based Practice

Bradley M. White, DO;  William Billari, DO;  Jacob Musiol, DO;  Nicholas J. Hendricks, MD;  Curtis Anderson, MD, PhD

J CRIT LIMB ISCHEM 2021;1(4):E126-E131. Epub 2021 September 13.


The Impact of Performing Lower-Extremity Angiographic Intervention Beyond the Pedal  Plantar Loop: A Case Study

Grace Pyon, BS;  Bibhav Poudel, BS;  Scott Brannan, MD;  Nikhil Patel, MD

J CRIT LIMB ISCHEM 2021;1(4):E160-E167. Epub 2021 November 23.


Impact of Pedal Arch Patency on Below-the-Ankle Revascularization Outcomes

Trelawny Zimmermann, DO;  Assaf Graif, MD;  Christopher J. Grilli, DO;  George Kimbiris, MD;  Demetrios J. Agriantonis, MD;  Samuel G. Putnam, MD;  Ankit M. Patel, MD;  Daniel A. Leung, MD

J CRIT LIMB ISCHEM 2021;1(4):E132-E139. Epub 2021 November 9.


Three-Year Survival of Critical Limb-Threatening Ischemia Patients With FFRCT-Guided Coronary Revascularization Following  Lower-Extremity Revascularization

Edgars Zellans, MD;  Gustavs Latkovskis, MD, PhD;  Christopher K. Zarins, MD;  Indulis Kumsars, MD, PhD;  Sanda Jegere, MD;  Agate K. Krievina, MS;  Roberts Rumba, MD;  Dainis Krievins, MD, PhD

J CRIT LIMB ISCHEM 2021;1(4):E140-E147. Epub 2021 October 8.